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Does the #BeKind movement encourage kindness?

As someone who has built a business using social media, I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. But I also spend a lot of time off of LinkedIn and with people in person.

And discussions happen.

In person when someone offers an alternative point of view it’s not labelled as ‘hating’- so WTF is going on online?

Labelling someone who disagrees with you as a ‘hater’ is toxic! I honestly think this happens a lot of the time because it’s easier to stick your head in the sand and ignore other peoples points of view.

Ignoring other peoples point of view is much harder in person. You can’t block them immediately or delete their comment from a meeting 😂

Yes- some people can be hateful online, I’m not disputing that, BUT just because you feel challenged by a question or a statement doesn’t mean ‘Be kind’ can be used as a weapon in my opinion.

Kindness is not defined by agreeing with people all the time and it’s not defined by being a push over.

The #bekind narrative is often used against people who speak their mind and I don’t think that’s right. Sometimes being kind is standing up for someone, standing up for yourself, being vocal and holding people to account.

You can’t just defend yourself with #bekind all the time 🙄 we have to be able to have discussions and accept criticism from time to time.

Honesty and integrity has to come first. Sometimes being kind means calling people out.

I’d really be interested in hearing your views on this subject!!!

Have you ever avoided speaking your mind because you’re scared of the consequences?

How can people be authentic if disagreeing with a majority point of view is seen at ‘hating’?

What actual benefits does the #bekind movement have? Are people actually kinder, or do they profess to being kinder without any real consideration to what kindness actually is?

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Michelle Hollewyn

I 10000% agree on this. I have had a few challenges in recent months with friendships where I’ve had to speak my mind and others have told me to ‘keep the peace’ – there’s no integrity in that. If I say something that helps me express but triggers others, it’s on all of us to deal with our own stuff!
Also, I’ve been Linked In with you but ended up browsing the bags, am definitely putting an order in 😊

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