Pre-order information


WOW what a response! I posted some photos of my new collection due to drop in September and the feedback was amazing. Due to incredible demand I have decided to release a pre-order deposit option to enable you to secure your next Carter Bag if you wish to.

Black Carter Bag, camera bag, cross body bag

The new collection includes:

  • The Carter Laptop Bag V2
  • The Carter Laptop Tote Bag 
  • The Carter Camera Bag

Each style is available in both Black and Fawn.

Fawn laptop tote bag and cross body bag

I have been reluctant to do a pre-order  due to a variety of reasons, mainly due to the many 'unprecedented' events which have happened since I launched my business a year ago and wanting to preserve my reputation for a reliable service.

It's been an uphill struggle against the shipping crisis and the many challenges the pandemic has presented us with to say the least- all in good fun though... and still here to tell the tale!

Considering The Carter and The Slimline bag have sold out sooner than expected, now seems the right time to launch a pre-order, however please read the T&Cs carefully first! You can find them here.

How to pre-order

Now we've got all of the serious bits out of the way, you can start shopping here.

Many of these styles are limited quantities so please do be sure to secure your order if it's on your wish list.

As always, thank you so much for supporting my business!

Much love,

Charlotte x