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Well well well, the shipping saga continues...

I come today bearing good or bad news- depending on your perspective!

Due to unforeseen circumstances (mainly due to the effects of global warming and strikes across Europe) our latest shipment has been held up, along with 2% of global trade at Hamburg!

The bad news is, I have a new ETA and it's a little longer than I'd have liked... I expect to receive the shipment in the last week of October, where I will personally be working 24/7 to ensure all orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible...

The good news is, they will definitely be here well in advance of Christmas!

Being an indpendent with bespoke designs, all products are exclusive and LIMITED. They will not be released again, so rest assured you are unlikely to ever meet someone with the same bag as you! (unless you recommend it to them, ofcourse)...

And hopefully you'll agree, they are worth the wait!

All I can do is apologise for these delays, I am working incredibly hard to keep up to date with the situation, manage it accordingly and will pass on the information as I receive it.... I am confident (all being well) that I can meet the new timelines I have outlined in the email above.

Until next time, thank you for your purchase and your patience and please keep an eye out for your discount code email and revised ETA as our container hits the UK port- wont be long now! x

Lots of love,

Charlotte xxx

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