Gail Porter: The Face of Our Designer Ladies' Laptop Bags

Icon, Gail Porter, joined Carter Bags to model for our new collection at Future Proof Creative Studios in Bristol. Photographer, Paolo and his team helped to bring our vision to life. Read on to find out about our shoot day and the amazing team that contributed to our fantastic pics!


Gail Porter supports independent ladies' laptop bag designer

You may know Gail Porter from TV and the fashion world. She's a beloved figure known for her undeniable charm. But Gail is more than a TV personality; she's a passionate advocate for small businesses, just like us at

It turns out not only does Gail have impeccable taste in music- she also has a love of animal friendly, designer laptop bags too.


Why Gail Porter is the ultimate collab for our brand

Gail Porter's commitment to her community is inspiring. Shortly after our photoshoot, she participated in a charity event in Brighton. There she abseiled to raise funds for Together Co, a charity fighting loneliness and social isolation.

Her act of courage and compassion highlights her dedication to important causes and bringing people together. Could she be any more of a superstar?!

Alongside her work with Together Co, Gail has supported dozens of charities including The Samaritans and The Single Homeless Project. As well as this Gail shared her story in BBC documentary- 'Being Gail Porter'. Here she inspired us all with her authenticity and courage.

She frequently turns her hand to new challenges. Whether that's taking part in panels to discuss women's rights, hosting events, headlining comedy tours, TV shows or supporting important causes. All alongside being a mother, to Honey.

Gail embodies strength, tenacity, resilience, resourcefulness and courage. For this reason, we could not wait to snap her up as model for our new collection of designer ladies' laptop bags.

She inspires all women to champion themselves, believe in themselves and do the right thing!

The vision for the shoot day

To showcase our ladies' designer laptop bags, we teamed up with Gail Porter for a photoshoot at Future Proof Photography in Bristol. We ordered a grey backdrop in specially for the day.

Once we achieved all of our product images the day before, we set up the lighting in preparation for Gail's arrival the following day. Rather than focus solely on the product we wanted Gail's personality and style to shine through!

You can find out more about our philosophy for iconic photography here.

Gail brought her own clothing on the day. Gail's original styling brings an authentic feel to the images. The fact she is a genuine user of The Carter Bag is reflected in the photographs.

Gail Porter smiling with Carter Bag

A special mention for our brilliant makeup artist

Behind the scenes, Ali, a fabulous makeup artist, worked her magic. Ali is the creative force behind Bombshell Makeup UK. What sets her apart is her commitment to 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup products – just like our bags!

She's all about ethical beauty so was the perfect choice for this collaboration.

Make up artist, Gail Porter and Charlotte Carter

Ready To Elevate Your Style with Ladies' Designer Laptop Bags?

We're thrilled to have Gail Porter as the face of our ladies' designer laptop bag collection. Her iconic fashion and commitment to making a positive impact aligns perfectly with

You can explore our exclusive ladies' designer laptop bags here. Elevate your style with – because in fashion, being fabulous and responsible go hand in hand.

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