How to choose the ideal laptop bag for you! Women's edition.

We are exploring what you should consider before choosing your perfect laptop bag in 2024. With more women in skilled executive roles, the demand for functional, affordable and chic laptop bags is on the rise!

While we love our original Carter Bag, there are alternatives on the market depending on your needs, but perhaps more importantly your wants!

Here we discuss the must-have features and the top contenders in the realm of women's laptop bags.


When choosing your perfect laptop bag it's important to consider whether it's functionality aligns with your lifestyle. Here are some important questions to answer before you decide.

What does your day-to-day routine consist of?

Are you heading to the gym before and after work?

Do you have a long commute?

How important is security?

How much impact is your laptop bag likely to suffer?

Do you often carry a second bag for your daily essentials?

Or, are you travelling light?

And of course, it's important to consider your wardrobe, style and aesthetic! Women's laptop bags have evolved beyond utility to become a fashion statement, reflecting individuality and professionalism.

Key Features.

Be sure to think about key features that will make your laptop bag a trusted wardrobe staple:

Do the materials used in manufacturing reflect your values?

Are the materials durable and will they stand the test of time?

Do you require USB ports or RFID protection?

How many pockets do you need?

Do you require separate storage for your daily essentials?

Would a pen holder or key chain loop be handy?

What size laptop compartment do you require?

Is the design something you can be proud of and enjoy wearing?

Write a list of your non-negotiables before choosing your laptop bag.

Price Point

Price point is often a good indicator of value, exclusivity, quality and ethics. Laptop bags can range in price from thousands of £'s to just £25.00.

Here its' important to think about:

How long do you expect your laptop bag to last?

How complex/exclusive is the design?

Is it ethically manufactured?

Are the materials used sustainable?

Do you see a designer laptop bag as an investment wardrobe staple or are you happy with one that is practical?

Best women's laptop bags on the UK market

Our top pick for high end design.

The Diana Briefcase by Gucci. The Diana retails at £2,630. It is listed as a men's laptop bag but is incredibly stylish and possibly better suited for women. It features a distinctive high end design with contrasting tan and black detailing. One impracticality is that it is advised not to get the briefcase wet or to use it in transporting heavy items.

This bag gets 10/10 for style and 5/10 for functionality.

Our top pick for both style and functionality.

The Carter Bag. Carter Bags is a small independent brand dedicated to ethical manufacturing and sustainable design. It is handmade using recycled materials. The design offers two main compartments to house daily essentials and safe storage of your laptop, but does not compromise on style.

This women's laptop bag gets 10/10 for style and 10/10 for functionality.

Our top pick for value and style.

The River Island Black Patent Embossed Laptop Bag. Retailing at just £30 this bag adds a chic patent 60's vibe to any outfit. Although space is limited inside this bag features a detachable strap and top handles.

This women's laptop bag gets 10/10 for style and 7/10 for functionality.

To summarise, to decide which laptop bag is best for you, use your values, preferences, lifestyle, aesthetic and budget as a guide. It's important that your laptop bag is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing so it's a pleasure to use and wear.