5 ways to rewear and recycle clothing

I don’t know if it’s because I was forced to wear Donnay trainers for PE, or because I had to wear my brothers hand me down Aladdin shirts at a young age- but as an adult appearance has always been important to me.

I remember when I was younger sneaking into charity shops, making a purchase and folding the bag up so no one could see the branding. But we live in a different world today. Consumers are much more conscious and aware that rewearing and reusing is the best way to reduce the level of clothing that enters our landfill.

It’s time we overcame the stigma of second hand  representing a low income and reclaim it for what it is. A practical solution to tackling fast fashion which drives slave labour and releases billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Nowadays I try not to buy new, and if I do I try to make sure it is recycled, which is why you will only find recycled items for sale here!

Here are 5 ways you can help the planet by rewearing:

1- Use online marketplaces (eBay, Vinted, Etsy) to search for vintage or pieces which are brand new, with tags (BNWT)

2- Find unique pieces which no one else will have by rummaging in your local charity shops

3- Make a day of it! I love to drive to ‘posh’ villages and have a latte and a piece of cake and tour the second hand shops on the hunt for designer pieces

4-Arrange a clothes swap with a friend. How often have you shared the same sentence of “I have nothing to wear” Why not tip your unworn or unwanted pieces into a bag and organise a clothes swap evening? 

5-Learn how to sew or find a good tailor, this will enable you to customise vintage pieces or take the heat of finding the perfect jeans! You can alter and adjust to suit your shape and style.

Fast fashion is creating a never ending mountain of waste clothing which is either sent to landfill or burned. Let’s be honest, if you opened your closet and drawers there will probably be a black bin liner or two which you could fill with clothes you never wear, or have never worn!

The pressure is on for us to make recycled fashion and reusing/rewearing as fashionable as buying new. The change starts with us!

Much love

Charlotte Carter

(Director, Carter Bags)

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