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5 ways that you can introduce sustainability into your business

By Grace Evans

As business owners, you’ve probably heard of the word ‘sustainability’.
However, you may not know where to start, with the huge amount of information there is to take in. Now more than ever, businesses should be transitioning into sustainability - if they haven’t already. But as business owners we don’t always know where to start when it comes to introducing sustainable measures into our business, due to how much there is to be done. As a result, it can get super overwhelming with the worry of greenwashing, losing customer trust & affordability.

There are so many different ways that you can become more sustainable in your own business. Some steps you can do straight away, others will take time. 
So, throughout this blog, I'll outline 5 ways that you can introduce sustainability measures into your business to help you get started: 

1. Reduce waste 

This may seem like an obvious starting point, but reducing waste is key if you want to become a more sustainable business. Waste consumption is one of the most polluting parts of our business, because the majority of the time, our waste ends up in a landfill where it doesn’t break down and just ends up polluting the

So, what are some ways that you can reduce your waste?

You can start by using reusable items, such as water bottles or tote bags. As well as, aiming to reduce the amount of single waste products. Try to consider ways to reuse or repurpose items that you no longer need.

2. Look into eco-friendly products / materials 

Whether you are a product-based company or a service provider, there will be products or materials that you use in your business across your supply chain.
Start looking at different ways that you reduce your environmental impact by reviewing your sourcing.

Consider what products or materials you use and whether there are environmentally friendly alternatives that could be utilised instead. Implementing sustainable materials that have a less harmful impact on the environment, is already a huge step in the right direction when it comes to making your business sustainable. 

3. Overview your transport

Whether you are a solo worker, or whether you have a team, consider different ways that you can reduce your transportation. For example, consider whether it is truly necessary to use the chosen method of transportation or whether there is an eco-friendly and also cost-effective alternative. It may not only be in terms of
transport method, but also the frequency of travelling. Is it necessary to travel to a certain location or are you able to remote work? It may be that for a certain journey you could walk, or if it’s a little further afield, perhaps you could
take the train. Consider different approaches that work well for you and your business to help reduce the impact of your transportation.  

4. Review your energy consumption 

Energy consumption is another area that you can review in terms of your sustainability measures. Look into the possibility of implementing renewable energy into your business. When an electrical item breaks, consider whether it is possible to upgrade your new replacement with one that is energy efficient.

Review existing habits in your workspace and consider how you could be more conscious when it comes to your energy consumption. For example, are you leaving electrical appliances on standby? Turning these off seems like a small task but makes an impact overall when it comes to your energy consumption. 

5. Create a green space

Whether you have a physical office space, or you work from home, consider how you could make the space that you work in, greener. Other areas which we have covered will help with this. For example, reducing waste, using eco-friendly products, and reviewing your energy consumption, all contribute to a greener space to work in.

But you can go even further, consider ways in which you can make your workspace even more green. Maybe you introduce more plants in the workplace? You even also consider ways to minimise water consumption.
All of the above ways I have outlined are great steps to get you started on your sustainability journey.

It is true that there are a lot of things you can do in your business, to become more sustainable. But hopefully these above starting points, will help feel a little less overwhelmed on your journey.

Grace's Bio

My name is Grace, and I am a Sustainability Consultant based in the UK.
After years of working in sustainable fashion, I have started helping business owners create wider sustainable changes in their business. My expertise covers a variety of areas, from making your supply chain more environmentally friendly, sustainable sourcing, introducing ethical initiatives, designing for circularity and more.

I help you make affordable changes that will help the people involved in your business and the planet, in the process.

You can connect with Grace here.

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