From Corporate Life to Entrepreneur

By Claire Parsons

So, here's the thing. I love copywriting. I love marketing. I love helping businesses smash their digital goals.

I do not love harassment. I do not love stressful or discriminatory environments. Madness, I know!

I fled from one company in 2017 due to bullying and sexual harassment. Sadly, the next company I joined next wasn’t much better. It was beyond stressful. I walked away for my mental health.

Recent data shows that 45% of women in the UK have been sexually harassed at work. 85% of women said their report wasn’t taken seriously or dealt with effectively. This data is from 2022. Not 1982. It’s not good enough. We are letting people down. Every organisation needs up-to-date bullying, discrimination and harassment policies and procedures in place. Share said procedures regularly with all staff – don’t just tick boxes.

Do you promote an open culture of communication? Do you have safe methods of feedback such as anonymous surveys? Assuming everything is OK and that your business is one big happy “family” is not enough. Your team is your responsibility. Everyone deserves the right to a safe working environment - both physically and emotionally. So, I decided to create my own.

I scrambled my contacts. I started digital marketing. I created outbound and inbound lead campaigns. I built my website. I built a brand. I got noisier and noisier. The snowball effect started.

That was over five years ago, and I still pinch myself to this day. I initially couldn't escape that feeling of what if (insert terrible drama or worst case scenario) happens? I’d only ever been employed and enjoyed security, a salary, a commission and a pension.

But actually, I feel more secure than ever. I enjoy brilliant relationships with my customers and I lead with value and results. More and more businesses asked for websites, blogs, adverts and content campaigns. Clients returned for more. Referrals came my way. I secured larger business customers and even created content training and a copywriting course. The business is growing and evolving every year.

Without inducing any queasy cheesy feels… The best bit is how proud my son is of all we've built together. Families come in all shapes and sizes and it's about time we dropped the judgements. Solo parenting is not some shameful, sorry tale. With customers in America, Canada, Hawaii, Europe and throughout the UK, CP Copywriting is firmly on the map.

Our brand values are on our website. Whenever you trust us with a project, this will always be the vibe… Friendly, fun, fabulous & fair. Dream big. Start small. Discrimination can get in the bin.

Claire's Bio

Claire is the Founder of CP Copywriting. She is a little bit silly, a little bit outspoken, but terribly awesome with ideas, content and copywriting... You can connect with Claire if you enjoy fun, creative, clever content sprinkled with lots of lovely copywriting tips. CP Copywriting partners with small businesses to create marketing campaigns that click. For more info, head to our brand new website here.

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