From Hollywood Icon to Financial Maverick

By Hilary Lewis

Marilyn Monroe was famous for her beauty, acting talent, and iconic quotes. While she may not have been known for her business acumen, Marilyn was a savvy entrepreneur and understood the importance of owning and controlling her image and brand. In 1954, she created Marilyn Monroe Productions, a film production company that allowed her to have more creative control over the roles she played and the films she starred in. She also negotiated a ground-breaking contract with 20th Century Fox that gave her more financial and artistic control over her work.

As an actress and business owner, she would often have to wait weeks or even months to receive payment from studios and clients. This delay in payment could create financial strain, making it difficult to cover expenses such as rent and payroll. To overcome this, Marilyn could have used invoice finance, which would allow her to sell her unpaid invoices to a third-party finance company in exchange for immediate payment. Ensuring that she had the funds she needed to keep her business running smoothly while waiting for payment from clients.

Invoice finance can be a powerful tool for women who want to build successful businesses that make a difference.

Invoice finance, also known as invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing, allows businesses to access cash quickly by selling their outstanding customer invoices to a financing company. This can be a game-changer for businesses with seasonal or irregular revenue streams and those needing cash flow to cover expenses during a growth phase.

But, invoice finance isn't just about managing cash flow. It can also be used to fund growth initiatives, such as expanding into new markets or launching new products.

For example, a start-up that has developed a new app may need cash flow to launch a marketing campaign to attract users. Invoice finance can provide the cash needed to fund the campaign without having to wait for revenue to come in.

Overall, invoice finance is a powerful financial tool for female entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses that make a positive impact on the world. By accessing cash quickly and easily, businesses can focus on growing and expanding without the hassle of dealing with traditional bank loans. As Marilyn Monroe once said, 'Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.'

With invoice finance, women entrepreneurs can climb higher and make a bigger impact than ever before.


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After a 20 year as a business owner within the beauty and hospitality industry Hilary pivoted into corporate finance. Her experience and knowledge spans the fields of Management, Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Communications, Digital Media, Business and the Beauty Industry.

Hilary is your go to girl when it comes to business funding. As an ex business owner she understands what businesses face on a day to day level.

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