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3 Female led brands you must get to know

Over the decades brands have tapped into women’s insecurities in order to sell. I find it so refreshing to stumble across brands which go above and beyond to not only sell to women, but specifically cater for them. With the rise in popularity of value led marketing it’s not always easy to distinguish the difference between a CSR stunt (akin to greenwashing- let’s call it femwashing) and a business which is genuinely passionate about their product or service, and their audience! In my opinion, the modern consumer is not only concerned about the product. 

They are concerned about what that product says about them, which businesses they are choosing to support and how it makes them feel. Us women love nothing more than to support other women in business who are challenging the status quo and to recommend businesses with true ethics! The fact is the buzz you get from fast fashion and corporate giants cannot compare with supporting a female focused brand! Here you will find bespoke pieces & reasonable prices... In no particular order, here are my favourite 3.

Aesthetic Laundry

Firstly, if you are not following them on Instagram, then what are you waiting for? They share their business journey with brutal honesty, authenticity and in all it’s rawness! Celebrating their successes with their followers and divulging the tough decisions they have had to make to keep the dream alive.

Aesthetic Laundry is headed up by Joss and Heidi. Their friendship and connection is infectious and it shines through in their marketing. Their ambition has astonished me. Although their content is light hearted and bubbly, I recognise the grit and determination they must have had to make their business a reality. These wonderful women are designing and manufacturing garments in the UK! Which is no easy task.

Consider the logistics,  overheads, competition, paying a fair wage and keeping up with rising business costs, this will undoubtedly have caused a few headaches along the way. In November 2022 Heidi and Joss posted an emotional reel about downsizing their work force. Since then, they have pivoted and launched a variety of unique services and products.

They have listened to their customers and are filling a gap in the market. Bespoke garments. Made to order. Trousers with 6 different lengths to choose from.

All made in the UK, sustainably and with love.  These ladies are one to watch! Their authentic approach to tackling business challenges head on and providing an amazing service has to be a recipe for success!

Rock The Jumpsuit

Rachel launched her business with no experience of the fashion industry and describes her business journey as a rollercoaster (such a cliché, but so relatable!). Through promoting her business she has grown an Instagram following of over 30K and has some exciting collaborations.

It all started when she was inspired after taking a vintage jumpsuit to a local dressmaker and have it recreated, the rest is history. From her online shop she now has a selection of stunning and unique pieces to choose from: either ready to wear, or made to order in the UK!

If your budget is anything like mine, then Rock The Jumpsuit (RTJ) is more of a splurge item! But Rachel’s brand is well worth investing in. Her designs are unique and quite frankly, dreamy.

Showstopper pieces.

I first heard about RTJ through a friend who looked incredible in one of her pieces. When she explained her jumpsuit was made by an independent brand ran by a mum of 3, I was blown away. There is no compromise on style or quality here, infact it's a huge upgrade from the high street, with fair prices to reflect the garments worth and the work which has gone into them.

What I would like to know though is: how does she do it all? Take a bow Rachel. There’s not much more I can say on this one, check out her designs, they speak for themselves!

Amazing Jane Activewear

Now I don’t know about you but as someone who rarely goes to the gym or exercises, I am still a big fan of activewear.

It’s comfortable for working from home. It’s effortless! And if you find the right pair of leggings they do wonders for lifting your bum cheeks if you’re over 30 like me. Gravity is not my friend. Amazing Jane Activewear makes clothes which help women feel more comfortable in themselves and more confident.

I must admit that sometimes I looking at fashions these days and wonder what the hell someone was thinking when they dreamed them up!? 

The ‘scrunched bum leggings’ have been a huge success and trended on just about every platform, but for me (as a 30 something year old) I can think of nothing worse than a pair of leggings that far up my bum, haha!

Or leggings which are super thin and cling to every piece of cellulite, lump and bump. It’s a no from me.

What I love about Amazing Jane, is that they are creating a brand around what women actually want. Supportive clothing that makes us feel good.  Their colour ways and patterns are to die for. Most recently they launched a collaboration with one of my favourite charities, Smart Works Newcastle- and so I love them even more.


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