A bit about us

Carter bags.com is your one stop shop for sustainable, stylish and practical laptop bags for women. All of our products are made using recycled materials and designed to meet the needs and wants of working women.

My name is Charlotte Carter, I first imagined the concept of Carter Bags when I was working as a Business Development Manager. I was so frustrated not being able to find a stylish work bag which could store my laptop and everything else I needed for the day ahead for less than £300. I also found it crazy that high street brands were marketing their laptop bags in the men's departments despite the fact that women represent over 50% of the UK work force.

After a TON of research, design work & prototypes, I worked on sourcing an ethical manufacturer and sustainable materials. Carter bags are designed in the UK and responsibly manufactured in China using recycled plastics. Since launching my first design 'The Carter' it has sold out twice! I am now working on expanding our range of laptop bags and I am committed to producing designs which reflect the needs and wants of women everywhere. Designed by working women for working women.

I have also started to branch out with limited edition ranges of other recycled products. Slowly but surely I will build a one stop shop full of recycled accessories for women. Empowering women in business with forward thinking designs which represent them, meaning they never have to choose between style, sustainability or practicality again!

You can SHOP our full range of laptop bags here.